Custom Watch Parts

Repairing a timepiece and can’t find a part? Save time. Stop hunting for the impossible and have it made.

Get it right the first time, and on time, by turning to a 21st-century artisan who takes pride in upholding the traditions of a 400-year-old craft. Whether the timepiece is new or old, watch or clock, Henning Horological Fabrication can help.

Henning Horological Fabrication designs and fabricates replacement parts based on the broken part or on the mechanics and aesthetics of the rest of the movement. Every effort is made to match the quality and style of the original. Any brand, any era.

I have been making parts for fellow watchmakers since 2001 and have built a reputation as a highly skilled and reliable craftsman.


Henning Horological Fabrication produces commonly needed movement parts, including:

Henning Horological Fabrication also makes more difficult parts, including:

Other services include: